[Council] modification to JEP-0114

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Fri Jan 14 14:57:11 CST 2005

Based on a question I received from a server developer, I have clarified 
one paragraph in JEP-0114 (Jabber Component Protocol), as follows:



If the server will not service that component name, it MUST return a 
stream error (e.g., <conflict/> or <host-unknown/>); see XMPP Core for 
details regarding stream error syntax.


If the server will not service component name specified in the 'to' 
attribute of the stream header, it MUST return a stream error (e.g., 
<conflict/> or <host-unknown/>). If the server does not recognize or 
support the namespace specified in the stream header (e.g., it does not 
support streams qualified by the 'jabber:component:accept' namespace), 
it MUST return an <invalid-namespace/> stream error. For all errors 
related to the stream header, the server MUST follow the rules in 
Section 4.7.1 of XMPP Core by returning an opening stream tag, stream 
error element, and closing stream tag rather than merely a stream error 
element (refer to RFC 3920 for details).


If this change is acceptable to the Council, we will publish version 1.5 
of this JEP. We can discuss this matter in the next Council meeting, or 
Council members can reply to this message.


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