[Council] results of today's meeting

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Thu Jun 16 10:21:37 CDT 2005

Here are the results of today's meeting [1]:

1. JEP-0138 -- vote still needed from Thomas Muldowney -- per my 
earlier note [2] the JEP Editor will count him as "Did Not Vote".

2. JEP-0117 -- votes still needed from Matthew Miller and Thomas
Muldowney -- feel free to vote on the list.

3. Version 1.2 of JEP-0124 -- approved.

4. JEP-0144 -- JEP Editor will begin the voting.

5. Reachability Addresses -- accept as a JEP, author to flesh out
sections on pubsub and IQ.

6. vCard-Based Avatars -- accept as a Historical JEP.

7. JEP-0008 -- change to Historical.

8. Profile Data Representation -- accept as a JEP, author to adjust
introduction so that it's clear profile management will be covered in a
separate JEP.

9. Google Summer of Code -- I will post further or chat with Council
members individually once I know more (have access to applications
etc.), but we must finish our approval process by June 24th.

Next meeting: we probably need to hold a meeting next week to approve 
the Summer of Code applications, will keep the Council posted.


[2] http://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/council/2005-June/001684.html

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