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Ian Paterson wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> Sorry to have missed the meeting. As Peter said I was around, and even
> looking forward to attending, but then got involved in something and
> lost track of time (please give me a nudge via IM if I fail again).
> I did the homework on the JEPs and proto-JEPs and read through the whole
> meeting log. I must say you guys did a wonderful job. :-)

Aw shucks, thanks. :-)

> I agreed with all your decisions.


> One pre-comment on Standardising JEP-0049. Wasn't there some talk on the
> list of JEP-0163 "Personal Eventing Protocol" (was SPPS) potentially
> also replacing JEP-0049? One advantage being that notifications would be
> sent to other connected resources whenever the stored data changes.

Yes, there was some talk along those lines. For me the major stumbling
block is that I don't know how synchronization would work with PEP.
You'd have to retrieve the history of published items in order to get up
to date -- but then you'd need to be able to retrieve all items
published since the last time you sync'ed up, and we don't have such a
feature right now in PEP or in the pubsub spec more generally.

> I'll be free on the 21st if that is what Peter proposes.

OK, I'll ping everyone via IM and see what works.


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