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As part of the IETF Last Call process for draft-saintandre-xmpp-iri, the
expert reviewer of that I-D suggested that the registry for XMPP URI
query components be created before the IESG approves of the I-D. Because
the Jabber Registrar cannot create the registry until JEP-0147 is
advanced to a status of Draft, I would like to request a (JSF) Last Call
on this JEP (and I don't particularly want to wait on issuing the Last
Call until the next Jabber Council meeting on March 23, since I'd prefer
not to hold up the IETF process). Therefore, I would appreciate it if
Council members could indicate if they have any objections to issuing a
Last Call for JEP-0147. If not, I would like to issue the Last Call by
the end of today if possible.

Also, given that JSF Last Calls normally are for a period of not less
than 10 days and that a 10-day Last Call would end at the close of
business on March 23 if issued today, we have two options if we want to
expedite advancement of JEP-0147: (1) issue a 9-day Last Call or (2)
move the next Council meeting to something like Monday, March 27. Please
indicate your preference.



Message from IETF reviewer follows...

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Subject: GenART review of draft-saintandre-xmpp-iri-03
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2006 21:55:26 -0500
From: Black_David at emc.com
To: gen-art at ietf.org, stpeter at jabber.org
CC: sah at 428cobrajet.net, Black_David at emc.com

Background for those who may be unaware of GenART:

GenART is the Area Review Team for the General Area of the IETF.
We advise the General Area Director (i.e. the IETF/IESG chair) by
providing more in depth reviews than he could do himself of documents
that come up for final decision in IESG telechat.  I was selected
as the GenART member to review this document.  Below is my review,
which was written specifically with an eye to the GenART process, but
since I believe that it will be useful to have these comments more
widely distributed, others outside the GenART group are included.

This review was done as part of IETF Last Call.

Review criteria: "Is this document a reasonable contribution to the
area of Internet engineering which it covers?  If not, what changes
would make it so?"

This draft is on the right track but has open issues, described
in the review.

Section 2.5 contains the following note:

   (Note: In pursuit of interoperability, it may be helpful to maintain
   a registry of query types and perhaps even of keys for use in XMPP
   query components.  Given that such values will most likely be
   specific to particular applications of XMPP rather than core to XMPP
   itself, it seems reasonable that such a registry, if created, would
   be maintained by the Jabber Registrar function of the Jabber Software
   Foundation as described in [JEP-0053], rather than by the IANA.  A
   proposal for creating such a registry can be found in [JEP-0147].)

Given the importance of interoperability to the IETF, IESG approval of this
draft should probably be delayed until that registry is functional so that
the draft can document registration requirements for query components.
This problem is ironically caused by XMPP's success in being used by
multiple independent applications (e.g., list in Section 2.1), requiring
a registry like this to prevent collisions among their use of URIs/IRIs.

Nit - In Section 3.6 add "RFC " before "XXXX" and add an RFC Editor note
to tell the RFC Editor to replace "XXXX" with the number of the published
RFC and delete the note.

- --David
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