[Council] meeting agenda, 2006-03-23

Ian Paterson ian.paterson at clientside.co.uk
Thu Mar 23 07:17:33 CST 2006

I made a few more improvements, the new diff is:


I had a chat with Stefan and he approves the new protocol.


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> Peter wrote:
> > 5. JEP-0124: HTTP Binding. Ian, do you think
> > this is ready to go?
> No because I just added a large optional new Multiple Streams section.
> :-) The principles behind this were agreed on the list but 
> I'd like to get feedback from Stefan Strigler and others 
> before we accept it.


> It seems that we still need to add the text about
> certificate consistency.

I think I did that a couple of weeks ago (see the Security

> let's punt on this for now


> then approve 1.5 so that I can seek an
> expert security review at that time (once we've
> cleaned up everything we can see).


- Ian

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