[Council] meeting agenda, 2006-11-21

Ian Paterson ian.paterson at clientside.co.uk
Thu Nov 16 20:59:01 CST 2006

Can we please also add "Depricate XEP-0090" in favour of an (almost) 
duplicate Standards Track XEP? (The difference being that the new XEP 
would use XEP-0082.)

The transition should be smooth because it would be trivial for 
implementations to respond to both protocols over a long transition period.

>> 4. XEP-0155 already advanced to Last Call. It's a simple XEP, but I'd be
>> more comfortable if we had some feedback from the list before advancing
>> it to Draft. It would be nice to see the first draft of any threads XEP
>> too.
> So I take it we'll postpone a vote on 155 for now.

Yes. It could do with URN namespaces too. Otherwise AFAICT the version 
in CVS is good to go. I might have a bit more feedback myself by the 
time I've finished implementing XEP-0116.

- Ian

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