[Council] XMPP Summit Agenda

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Sun Feb 25 18:51:04 CST 2007

Based on discussions we've had at FOSDEM, here is a rough agenda for 
tomorrow's "XMPP Summit" in Brussels:


- Introductions

- Focus
   - More of a "summit" than a devcon
   - Proposed agenda
   - Agenda bashing

- Existing 2007 roadmap
   - Finish Jingle (Q1)
   - Hold devcon (Q1 + Q3)
   - Launch online interop network (Q1)
   - Push RFCs to Draft (Q3?)
   - Complete spim and DoS specs (Q3)
   - Stabilize e2e encryption specs / implementations (Q3/Q4)
   - Achieve widespread implementation of PEP (Q4)
   - Stabilize approach to collaborative editing / whiteboarding (Q4)

- Is the roadmap right? Other potential items include:
   - Develop and deploy software certification program
   - BOSH / BOAH / ROX standardization (at IETF?)
   - MUC mirroring (supplant IRC)
   - Communities / shared groups
   - Clean up file transfer
   - Marketing
   - Conferences / summits

- Discuss roadmap items (10-30 minutes each)

- Council meeting
   - Publish updated XEP-0124 and spinoff XEP-0206?
   - Publish file repository proposal as a XEP?
   - Publish Jingle RTMP proposal as a XEP?
   - Publish Jingle Bytestreams proposal as a XEP?
   - Publish Jingle HTTP File Transfer proposal as a XEP?
   - Issue Last Call on link-local messaging?
   - Next meeting on March 15?

- Process improvement
   - Review roadmap / priorities quarterly?
   - Hold XMPP Summit twice a year?
   - How to improve "summit"?
   - Hold larger devcon? Continue to co-locate with FOSDEM and OSCON?



Peter Saint-Andre
XMPP Standards Foundation

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