[Council] meeting minutes, 2007-07-11

Ralph Meijer jabberfoundation at ralphm.ik.nu
Wed Jul 11 15:06:13 CDT 2007

On Wed, 2007-07-11 at 12:16 -0600, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Results of the XMPP Council meeting held 2007-07-11...
> Agenda:
> http://www.jabber.org/council/meetings/agendas/2007-07-11.html
> Log:
> http://www.jabber.org/muc-logs/council@conference.jabber.org/2007-07-11.html
> 0. Roll Call
> Chris Mullins, Ian Paterson, Peter Saint-Andre, and Kevin Smith in
> attendance. Ralph Meijer absent. Quorum achieved.

This time my excuse was Birgit, our first child, born 28 June, that
needed feeding. I'm slowly getting back to catching up on stuff (again).
That also reminds me that I should probably blog about her.

> 1. Next meeting July 25. Kevin will not be available then.
> 2. XEP-0211: XMPP Basic Client 2008
> Advance version 0.5 to Draft?
> Consensus on changing XEP-0115 to recommended given recent changes to
> that spec. Peter to publish version 0.6. Ralph to vote on list.

Yeah, it is too bad that we need to change this spec so late in the
game, but I can live with it being only recommended. +1. Did Chris

> 3. XEP-0212: XMPP Basic Server 2008
> Advance version 0.5 to Draft?


> 4. XEP-0213: XMPP Intermediate IM Client 2008
> Advance version 0.4 to Draft?
> Consensus on adding XEP-0155 (Stanza Session Negotiation) as
> recommended. Peter to publish version 0.5. Ralph to vote on list.

I like that addition. +1

> 5. XEP-0216: XMPP Intermediate IM Server 2008
> Advance version 0.2 to Draft?


> 6. XEP-0080: User Geolocation
> Approve version 1.4pre3?
> Chris and Ralph to vote on list.

+1 on the changes now, as opposed to the previous pre version. But I
thought I already +1'd mutatis mutandis.

> 7. XEP-0060: Publish-Subscribe
> Approve version 1.10pre1?
> Peter to update with preconditions protocol before Council approves changes.

Except don't call it preconditions, but use a more generic term like
<publish-options/>, and make the description of the field that will hold
the desired access model state that it works as a precondition, along
with how it works if the precondition is not met.

The reason for my suggestion here is that we (or people outside the XSF
building on top of this spec) may want to do other nifty stuff down the
road and this makes a nice container for it. Besides other preconditions
(last modified?), one could have things like item-level access control

> 8. XEP-0163: PEP
> Approve version 1.1pre4?
> Depends on changes to XEP-0060.

I suppose nothing really changes here now anymore except for some

I don't think the publish-options thing should be in examples in this
specification. For the stated use cases of PEP, the default access model
would be roster and no need to confuse implementers at this point. That
can be left to the 'personal publishing' thing we are doing for

This version of PEP should basically be 1.0 with some stuff moved to
XEP-0060 and more clarifications.

If so, I +1 mutatis mutandis.

> Also, Ian and Peter to work on "persistent data publishing" profile of
> pubsub (name to be determined).

Sure. If you are discussing it sometime online, drag me in the room.

> 9. XEP-0108: User Activity
> Approve version 1.2pre1?
> No objections to publishing updated version.


> [..]
> 13. Proto-XEP: Server Dialback
> Accept as a XEP?
> Peter explained reasons for moving this text from rfc3921bis to a XEP.
> No objections.

+1 on the move. Need to review the text still, though.

> 14. Other Business
> Discussion of methods for encouraging implementation of ESessions, e.g.,
> two in-person meetings for developers to complete interop testing and
> protocol clarification (one in N. America, one in Europe).

+1. I also like the suggestion for the locations ;-)



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