[Council] meeting agenda, 2007-06-25

Chris Mullins chris.mullins at coversant.net
Fri Jun 29 16:28:01 CDT 2007

Well, just recommending it is defiantly including it. 

I'm just hesitant even to make it recommended at this point, as I'm not
convinced it's mature enough. Pubsub seems mature at this point, but
PEP? I'm not sold yet. Only 8 weeks ago we were debating dropping it
folding it into PubSub or something else. 

If everyone runs out and implements PEP (which will likley happen if
it's put in there) and then we discover issues with the spec, then those
issues can't really be addressed as the deployed base is too large. 

Chris Mullins

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On 29 Jun 2007, at 19:18, Chris Mullins wrote:
> -1. As much as I love PEP, it seems (to me) premature to include it  
> in a
> compliance suite.

We're not including it, we've got it as recommended, which indicates  
we'll be making it a part in future years.


Kevin Smith
Psi XMPP client project leader - http://psi-im.org

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