[Council] Seventh Council

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Sep 27 13:20:28 CDT 2007

Earlier today the members of the XMPP Standards Foundation elected the
seventh XMPP Council, as follows:

* Dave Cridland
* Ralph Meijer
* Ian Paterson
* Peter Saint-Andre
* Kevin Smith

Details here:


We need to figure out meeting times. We've been holding meetings every
two weeks or so on Wednesday at 17:00 UTC. It seems that I am now the
only Council member not in Europe, so if you guys want to change the
meeting time just say so, I am flexible within reason (no 2 AM meetings
please :).

I suggest that we hold an initial meeting on October 3 (I will be
offline the week of October 8), at which the Council members will choose
a Chair, provide an orientation to our one non-returning member (welcome
Dave!), discuss priorities for the term, etc.



Peter Saint-Andre

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