[Council] meeting minutes, 2008-01-30

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Mon Feb 11 14:30:24 CST 2008

Ralph Meijer wrote:

>> 7. XEP-0118: User Tune
>> Approve version 1.2pre1?
>> Dave, Ian, Peter, and Kevin +1.
>> Dave raised the question of compatibility with the related SIMPLE I-D.
>> Peter pointed out that the SIMPLE I-D pretty much tracks the XMPP work,
>> but also addresses topics we cover in XEP-0196, XEP-0197, etc. Peter to
>> review the SIMPLE I-D and report back.
> -1. As I mentioned in the thread on standards at xmpp.org, I question
> whether data related to the listening experience (such as rating),
> belongs in this specification.

It's called *User* Tune (not "generic tune") and it's pushed from *my*
JID to *my* friends via *Personal* Eventing (not published to CDDB as
the canonical metadata about the tune). So including information about
how I rate the music (which is a standard feature in most music players)
seems quite in scope for sharing my listening activities with my friends
in real time.


Peter Saint-Andre

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