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Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Mon Feb 11 16:20:58 CST 2008

On Mon Feb 11 20:30:24 2008, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> > -1. As I mentioned in the thread on standards at xmpp.org, I question
> > whether data related to the listening experience (such as rating),
> > belongs in this specification.
> It's called *User* Tune (not "generic tune") and it's pushed from  
> *my*
> JID to *my* friends via *Personal* Eventing (not published to CDDB  
> as
> the canonical metadata about the tune). So including information  
> about
> how I rate the music (which is a standard feature in most music  
> players)
> seems quite in scope for sharing my listening activities with my  
> friends
> in real time.

I thought about this, and while I see Ralph's point, I don't agree  
with it.

The XEP described, previously, a mechanism for sharing the most  
important, core aspect of the "listening experience" - what you're  
listening to.

There should, from a purist standpoint, only be data relating to the  
listening experience. Anything else could, in principle, be looked up  
from elsewhere - however, from a pragmatic standpoint, it's much more  
sensible to include such data as the track title.

Of course, I do think that it's fairly pointless including the rating  
- "I'm listening to Bon Jovi, but I hate it" - as well as further  
removing the need to bother talking with your friends at all - "So  
what are you listening to? Oh, never mind, I can see. I see it's one  
of your favourites, too. Okay. I'll go away then.". But cynicism  
aside, it's not a harmful spec, and people probably want it, and to  
my mind at least, it makes sense to lump track metadata and personal  
metadata together.

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