[Council] meeting reminder, 2008-03-05

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Mon Mar 3 21:59:19 CST 2008

Just a reminder that the XMPP Council meeting will hold its next meeting
on Wednesday, March 5, 2008. The proposed agenda is here:


Here's my take on various items...

3. XEP-0174: Link Local Messaging

I'm still +1 on this. IMHO this version is an improvement over the
previous version. We may still receive further feedback, but we can
always incorporate that in a future revision.

4. XEP-0060: Publish-Subscribe

These are just a few minor adjustments. While the SHIM header names have
changed, Ralph and I don't know of anyone who is using them right now.

5. XEP-0182: Application-Specific Error Conditions

The existing namespace is not in use, but we will probably start to use
it soon (e.g., in stanza size limits).

6. XEP-0171: Language Translation

The authors have requested that we issue a last call. I have no
objections to doing so.

7. XEP-0222: Best Practices for Persistent Storage of Public Data via
8. XEP-0222: Best Practices for Persistent Storage of Private Data via

These best practices are used in XEP-0189, XEP-0048, etc., so it seems
worthwhile to move them along.

9. XEP-0189: Public Key Publishing

This is a dependency for XEP-0136: Message Archiving. I think it would
be valuable to compare this approach to similar approaches, such as RFC
4387. See also the next item.

10. XEP-0136: Message Archiving

As we discussed at the devcon, it may be time to finally move this
forward. Also, shall we move the encryption material to a separate
specification? In version 0.15, I have moved this material to a separate
section, and it does not take up that much space in the document, so I'm
not sure if moving this material to another specification will help to
make the spec less intimidating.

11. ProtoXEP: XMPP Nodes

IMHO this is a helpful clarification.

12. ProtoXEP: Direct Invitations

This will be helpful for MUC but potentially also other extensions as well.

13. ProtoXEP: Abuse Reporting

The community seems to have consensus that this would help us prevent
some abuse over the network.

14. ProtoXEP: Stream Compression with Efficient XML Interchange

I have no objections to publishing this as a way to encourage
discussion, though it's not clear if anyone will end up using it.

15. ProtoXEP: Jingle File Transfer

This has been significantly cleaned up thanks to feedback from Robert
McQueen, so I think it's ready to publish.


Peter Saint-Andre

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