[Council] Meeting reminder: 20081112

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Tue Nov 11 04:15:32 CST 2008

On Mon Nov 10 23:54:28 2008, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Kevin Smith wrote:
> > Another agenda for your shared delight.
> >
> > http://xmpp.org/council/agendas/2008-11-12.html
> Sorry, here's one bash on the agenda...
I'll add another. It'd be good to look at Chat State Notifications.  
Maybe we could replace one of the Last Activities? ;-)

> XEP-0205 (DoS) also completed its Last Call recently with no  
> feedback
> received, so we might vote on advancing that to Draft (er, Active  
> -- but
> perhaps this deserves to be Standards Track instead of  
> Informational?
> and does Informational cause more confusion than it's worth?  
> consider
> that a meta-question...).

BCPs are a fine tradition, but the worry is that, just as everyone  
considers any RFC to be a standard, we'll have the same issue here.

Perhaps we could consider styling them differently - I'm put in mind  
of the UK Government (and probably elsewhere, too) practise of "white  
papers", "green papers", etc, and wondering whether we literally  
follow that practise - so Informational documents would "go white"  
when they went Active, and documents in the "working" phase of the  
lifecycle - Experimental and Proposed - would be Green. It's probably  
worth making Proposed blue, such that it's a "blueprint" of the  

For the various "failure" states, I'd simply pick grey.

For Standards Track documents, I quite like the idea of Final  
documents "going gold", and that just leaves Draft, which for no good  
reason I'll pick Pink.

This yields:

Retracted, Deferred, Rejected, Deprecated, Obsolete -> #7F7F7F
Active -> #FFFFFF
Experimental -> #CFEFCF
Proposed -> #AFCFFF
Draft -> #FFEFEF
Final -> #FFFFCF

These colours can live in the side margins of the document, so  
there's a very clear visual indicator of the status of the document.

And this can be accomplished reasonably easily with a minor XSL and  
CSS tweak, which I've attached in patch form.


> We might also consider publishing the "Data Mine-ing" proposal that  
> Joe
> Hildebrand submitted today:
> http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/mine.html

Bring it on, as they say.

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