[Council] final voting reminder!

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Mon Oct 27 17:24:49 CDT 2008


So at the end of all this, I see the following:


*I think* Dave is +1 now (please correct me if I'm wrong), but he's not
sure if the other Council members find the modification acceptable,
therefore I take it that he would suggest this topic go on the agenda
for the next meeting. Correct?

The SVN diff can be found here:


The rendered copy is here:



Ralph DNV, all others +1


Dave -1 pending discussion of the following paragraph:


Upon receiving the <success/> element, the client MUST then ask the
connection manager to restart the stream. It does this by setting to
"true" the 'xmpp:restart' attribute (qualified by the 'urn:xmpp:xbosh'
namespace) of the BOSH <body/> element. When sending the restart
request, the client SHOULD also include the 'to' and 'xml:lang'
attributes. In addition the <body/> MUST be empty (if the client
includes an XML stanza in the body, the connection manager SHOULD ignore
it but MAY send that stanza when the stream is restarted; however there
is no guarantee that a connection manager will send the stanza so a
client cannot rely on this behavior).



Ralph DNV, all others +1


Ralph DNV, all others +1


Ralph DNV, all others +1

If that accounting is correct, I will go ahead and publish the revised
versions of XEPs 124, 80, 107, and 108.

But before doing so I will wait 24 hours to see if there are any objections.


Peter Saint-Andre

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