[Council] obsolete XEPs

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Tue Oct 28 14:23:59 CDT 2008

Jack Moffitt wrote:
>> The Council did not have consensus to obsolete XEP-0090 and XEP-0091. If
>> there are no objections, I will extend the expiration dates on those
>> specs to 2008-12-31 so that we have until the end of the year to figure
>> out what we'll do with them.
> Seems reasonable to me.

While looking for references to XEP-0078 (jabber:iq:auth) in other XEPs,
I was reminded that the 2008 compliance suites (specifically XEP-0212)
recommend support for it. Perhaps it's strange that a current compliance
suite would recommend support for a deprecated technology, but it's
probably even stranger to recommend support for an obsolete technology.

I don't think this warrants a delay in obsoleting XEP-0078 (e.g., we
*could* wait until January 1, 2009), but I wanted to bring it to the
Council's attention.


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