[Council] Agenda 20091116

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Mon Nov 16 07:14:13 CST 2009

On 11/16/09 5:05 AM, Kevin Smith wrote:
> 1) Roll call
> 2) Agenda bashing
> 3) Last call has ended on XEP-0226: Message Stanza Profiles
> http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0226.html

Fabio Forno completed a review here:


We're still working out the formats, which is why he did not send it to
the standards at xmpp.org list. But it might be helpful to the Council.

> Promote to Draft?
> 4) Date of next meeting.
> 5) Any other business.
> We have something to discuss!

These are not really agenda items, but...

I think the revisions to XEP-0060 and XEP-0163 are close to done,
although it's hard to review them because Fisheye is always down.
Perhaps we can poke the infrastructure team about that. :) In any case I
think they will be ready for a vote next week.

The Jingle specs have been provisionally updated to incorporate some
errata. Those will be ready for a vote next week.

Before the end of the year I'd like to complete revisions to XEP-0050,
as well as prepare the file transfer specs (234, 260, 261) for a Last Call.

FWIW I might not be able to attend today's meeting.


Peter Saint-Andre

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