[Council] Welcome new council.

Kevin Smith kevin at kismith.co.uk
Tue Oct 6 15:29:48 CDT 2009

Hi all,
  So, we have a new council, with new people (welcome!), so I guess
it's helpful to send a quick welcome message.
  This is a brain dump, take it as you will, I suspect it'll form the
rough agenda for the first meeting, give or take.

* We need to decide on a time to meet. I'd propose we pick the usual
council time, a week Wednesday (14th October) at 7UTC (8 British
Summer Time) and we can work out from there whether we can all make
it. Usually council in the first meeting decides a stable time/day for
its meetings, so that's for the first agenda.

* At the end of last council, Peter kindly agreed to set up
http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Radar so that the new council (and
particularly the chair) would be able to keep tabs on what's happening
in the XEP world. This is likely to be the main place for our TODOs
for the next year

* We need to vote in a chair for the year.

* We need to decide how often to meet (last year had weekly meetings,
which worked very well for that council).

* We need to decide how formal we want the agendas. Last year started
with them stored in SVN etc., and by the end of the year we were
sending out mails to the council list.

That's all for now. As outgoing chair I'm happy to sort out our first
agenda (I suggest we have an admin meeting first without spec votes,
we'll have enough to talk about), but if anyone else wants to do it
I'm entirely open to the idea!

If you've forgotten what happened at the start of the mail - the only
important thing at the moment is for you to reply about the first
meeting date and to get that arranged when we can all make it.


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