[Council] Welcome new council.

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Tue Oct 6 16:00:18 CDT 2009

On Tue Oct  6 21:29:48 2009, Kevin Smith wrote:
> * We need to decide on a time to meet. I'd propose we pick the usual
> council time, a week Wednesday (14th October) at 7UTC (8 British
> Summer Time) and we can work out from there whether we can all make
> it. Usually council in the first meeting decides a stable time/day  
> for
> its meetings, so that's for the first agenda.

I would really appreciate a different day or time.

I think we have three UTC/UTC+1, and two UTC+1/UTC+2. And we all  
change clocks at the same time. :-)

That particular Wednesday, I think I'm taking my son canoeing from  
8pm until 9pm - this is about every two weeks, now. Similarly, I'm  
usually taking him places on a Monday evening.

Sorry to complicate things (already). :-/

> That's all for now. As outgoing chair I'm happy to sort out our  
> first
> agenda (I suggest we have an admin meeting first without spec votes,
> we'll have enough to talk about), but if anyone else wants to do it
> I'm entirely open to the idea!

I'd like to propose a handful of policies, such as requesting that at  
least one author of a protoXEP is present when we're meant to be  
discussing it.

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