[Council] Welcome new council.

Matthew Wild matthew at prosody.im
Tue Oct 6 17:38:19 CDT 2009

2009/10/6 Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at stpeter.im>:
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> On 10/6/09 2:29 PM, Kevin Smith wrote:
>> Hi all,
>>   So, we have a new council, with new people (welcome!), so I guess
>> it's helpful to send a quick welcome message.
> Indeed, welcome! The future of XMPP is in your capable hands. ;-)

Thanks all!

>>   This is a brain dump, take it as you will, I suspect it'll form the
>> rough agenda for the first meeting, give or take.
>> * We need to decide on a time to meet. I'd propose we pick the usual
>> council time, a week Wednesday (14th October) at 7UTC (8 British
>> Summer Time) and we can work out from there whether we can all make
>> it. Usually council in the first meeting decides a stable time/day for
>> its meetings, so that's for the first agenda.
> Please don't meet at 08:00 over in Europe, because your Executive
> Director / XEP Editor would like to attend.

No problem here, trust me :)

>> This is likely to be the main place for our TODOs
>> for the next year
> I think it also makes sense for the Council to take over maintainership
> of http://xmpp.org/xsf/roadmap.shtml (perhaps moving it to wiki.xmpp.org
> so that it can be edited by the complete Council).
> I see the Radar page as short-term (items for consideration in the next
> 1-3 Council meetings) and the Roadmap page as long-term, but the Council
> can of course determine its own work processes.

Seems sane to me, it's how I took them to me.

>> * We need to decide how often to meet (last year had weekly meetings,
>> which worked very well for that council).
> I think the Council has done weekly or fortnightly meetings, with a few
> longer breaks around the winter holidays and early summer.

That's fine with me.

>> * We need to decide how formal we want the agendas. Last year started
>> with them stored in SVN etc., and by the end of the year we were
>> sending out mails to the council list.
> The Council could simply use the Radar and Roadmap pages as input to an
> agenda that is established at the beginning of the meeting, without
> setting a formal agenda in advance. But I leave that up to the Council.

I'm fine either way. I guess an ad-hoc agenda may harm Kev's ideal of
short and sweet meetings though :)

>> That's all for now. As outgoing chair I'm happy to sort out our first
>> agenda (I suggest we have an admin meeting first without spec votes,
>> we'll have enough to talk about), but if anyone else wants to do it
>> I'm entirely open to the idea!
> Admin meeting first is a good plan.


>> If you've forgotten what happened at the start of the mail - the only
>> important thing at the moment is for you to reply about the first
>> meeting date and to get that arranged when we can all make it.
> I'm flexible.

Me too, I'll let it be known within a couple of days if there are any
dates/times I can't make next week.

Thanks again,

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