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On 10/6/09 4:47 PM, Dave Cridland wrote:
> On Tue Oct  6 22:33:51 2009, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>> I also suggest that a XEP author shall formally request a Last Call
>> regarding an Experimental XEP by showing up in a Council meeting and
>> bringing up the possibility of a Last Call during the "Any Other
>> Business" portion of the meeting. The Council would then formally vote
>> on issuing the Last Call at the *next* meeting of the Council. This
>> requires the XEP author to show up in two Council meetings, thus
>> indicating a seriousness of purpose regarding advancement of a spec from
>> Experimental to Draft.
> I'm not sure quite so much is needed, but having them around while we
> consider the Last Call would be useful.
> But I worry that if we go too far with petitions and process, we risk
> wallowing in self-importance.

Consider it a transfer of self-importance from me to the Council. I
don't want to be a bottleneck and I would rather that we have a public
process for requesting Last Calls (and Calls for Experience) than to
have the process be "ping stpeter". That said, I'm not wedded to the
two-step process I outlined above -- the Council *could* issue a Last
Call in the meeting at which a XEP author makes the request, or it could
decide to think about it for a week and then issue the Last Call at its
next meeting.


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