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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
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On 10/25/09 4:01 PM, Kevin Smith wrote:
> Hi,
>   We don't seem to have anything more to vote on this week, so that leaves:
> 1) Roll call.
> 2) Agenda Bashing.
> 3) XEP-0226: Message Stanza Profiles
> Issue Last Call?
> 4) Date of next meeting?
> 5) Any other business?

XEP-0227 is in its second Last Call. Perhaps the Council has feedback.
Perhaps also it's time for the XSF to fire up that Tech Review Team. :)

Has the roadmap been updated? Does it make sense to move that to the
wiki or to make sure that Council members have SVN access?

Regarding the roadmap items as discussed in the last meeting, we might
want to set a schedule or at least some preferred milestones for review
of the bis drafts, the MUC cleanup, and Jingle file transfer.

We've had some discussion on the BOSH list about registering port 5280
with IANA and also defining a default path for BOSH services. I think it
would be good for the Council to discuss these matters so that we can
move forward if desired.

The page at http://xmpp.org/protocols/ it is very likely out of date and
missing some information. Perhaps this is a task that one of the XSF
teams can complete. Let's discuss what we think is appropriate.

Some of the XEPs need new maintainers because I can't keep up with them
all anymore (e.g. I have asked Brian Cully to take on maintainership of
the PubSub Collections spec, and regarding XEPs 253 and 254 see
Does the Council think that we need a policy on maintainership of XEPs?

Anyway those are just a few of the things I've been thinking about
lately. :)


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