[Council] Meeting 2010-08-02

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Mon Aug 2 04:25:08 CDT 2010

On 8/2/10 10:49 AM, Kevin Smith wrote:
> Hi all, currently there aren't any voting items on the Radar. Unless
> our esteemed XEP Editor has anything he'd like us to do this evening,
> I propose we postpone for a week.

I am in an all-day meeting between IETF and ITU-T in Geneva and it's
doubtful that I'd be able to attend the Council meeting. I'll be flying
back to America tomorrow and after that I'll have more time to focus on
a large raft of XSF topics.

However, I do see that the Last Call has completed on XEP-0201 (Best
Practices for Message Threads). I didn't see any feedback on the lists
regarding that one, but I recall that a few Council folks thought they
might have feedback.

I realize that Councl members have put quite a bit of time into
rewiewing the bis drafts, and I appreciate your efforts. I'm hoping that
we'll be able to finish that process soon, thus freeing up energy to
work on various XEPs.



Peter Saint-Andre

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