[Council] No Meeting 20100104

Matthew Wild matthew at prosody.im
Mon Jan 4 18:13:04 CST 2010

2010/1/4 Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at stpeter.im>:
> On 1/4/10 3:42 AM, Kevin Smith wrote:
>> Happy new year all,
>>   Just a reminder that there's no meeting today, and we're starting
>> again next week (at least, that's what the calendar tells me).
> BTW I have updated the Radar:
> http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Radar
> A few thoughts:
> 1. We really need to push the iteam into making a diff viewer. It's hard
> to knom what's changed in these big specs without such a beast.
> 2. What do you guys think about priorities for 2010? Personally my top
> priorities are end-to-end encryption (IETF topic), Jingle file transfer,
> and the MUC cleanup. Among the more experimental topics I want to work
> on, I'm especially interested in multi-user Jingle, distributed MUC
> rooms, and bridging between serverless mode and server mode.

I'm personally interested in all of those things (well, less so on
Jingle but), it's going to be a good year :)

Also... I see spam being an issue, but you mentioned reputation in
your blog post, so I guess that's on the cards as well. I predict
distributed spam control is going to be a big topic soon, identica are
also now having problems with spam. It's only a matter of time before
harvesters start harvesting JIDs, OMB subscription URLs, etc. Unlike
SMTP and OMB though, XMPP managed (just about) to solve the
distributed identity issue, which makes it marginally easier for us.


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