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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Sat Jan 30 07:21:39 CST 2010

On 1/30/10 5:42 AM, Kevin Smith wrote:
> I found I still had a window open with a xep 60 diff in it from the
> demo diff system, so I've voted on that.

OK, thanks.

Could you save that as HTML and upload it somewhere?

> XEP-60 1.13rc13
> Accept
> (although I note that "Note: Because the account owner's bare JID is
> the default destination address for any stanzas a client generates,
> clients often omit the "to" attribute on such stanzas; on this point,
> see and (with regard to rosters) ." seems to be truncated.

In the XML source code, those are references to 3920bis and 3921bis. Not
sure why they are truncated in the diff.

> As does "Use delivery semantics as defined by ."

In the XML, that's a reference to XEP-0079.

> ""room" (i.e., the MUC room associated with the room)" - associated
> with the node?

That is a legacy the "replyroom" config option, which we've removed.
Text deleted in my working copy.

> The votes on both XEP-60 and XEP-163 are due today, so if anyone sees
> Tobias, please chase him to put the diff tool up somewhere accessible.

I'm not entirely comfortable with forcing a vote when Councilors haven't
had a chance to review the changes, although I suppose they could have
read the entire spec (which IMHO wouldn't be a bad thing anyway!).


Peter Saint-Andre

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