[Council] Minutes 2010-10-25

Kevin Smith kevin at kismith.co.uk
Tue Oct 26 04:12:26 CST 2010

Council Minutes 2010-10-25 1600UTC.

1) Roll call.

Kevin, Remko and Matt present. Ralph and Nathan absent.

2) Agenda bashing.


3) XEP-0201 (Threads)
Advance to Active?

Kevin, Remko, Matt +1
Ralph and Nathan to vote on-list within a fortnight.

4) XEP-xxxx: Federated MUC for constrained environments
Accept as Experimental?

No objections.
Ralph and Nathan have a fortnight to object.

5) Procedure: Inviting authors to meetings.
Philipp Hancke requests authors be invited, discuss.

Point for new Council to discuss next term.

6) Thanks all.

Chair thanked Council for their work over the last year

7) Any other business.



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