[Council] some agenda items

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Tue Apr 12 18:54:27 UTC 2011

Here are some possible agenda items for the next meeting...

1. Last Call on XEP-0262: Use of ZRTP in Jingle RTP Sessions

2. Vote on accepting version 1.1rc3 of XEP-0178: Best Practices for Use
of SASL EXTERNAL with Certificates



3. Vote on changing XEP-0193 to Retracted

4. Request for Council consensus on removing "Proposed" state from XEP-0001

5. Vote on accepting version 1.1rc1 of XEP-0171: Language Translation



[somehow that update was never presented for Council approval]

If I can find the time, I will also try to incorporate the Last Call
comments on XEP-0220 (Server Dialback) before the next meeting.


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