[Council] Jingle RTP votes

Matthew Wild me at matthewwild.co.uk
Tue Mar 22 21:42:35 CST 2011


Finally reviewed today, and +1 to both. My only comments are
that it would be nice for them to gain schemas (it doesn't
seem like they would be particularly complex, and the namespaces
lengths certainly seem like they should deserve them :) ).

Also a small niggle in the Feedback Negotiation... it gives one
parameter as having a value of "0 to MAXUINT". MAXUINT (or even
INT/UINT) is not defined in the XEP, or in the XML data types
spec, nor standard C, and there is no suggestion to someone
reading the XEP as to where they might find this defined. 

I grant that someone who has implemented RT(C)P in their app this
is probably obvious (and I presume it's defined in that spec), I
consider this mostly an editorial detail, but with potential
interop consequences if someone gets lazy :)


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