[Council] Jingle RTP votes

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Mar 23 08:46:33 CST 2011

On 3/22/11 9:42 PM, Matthew Wild wrote:
> Hi,
> Finally reviewed today, and +1 to both. My only comments are
> that it would be nice for them to gain schemas (it doesn't
> seem like they would be particularly complex, and the namespaces
> lengths certainly seem like they should deserve them :) ).

Bala Pitchandi has just posted schemas to the jingle@ list.

However, note that traditionally we have not required schemas for
publication as an Experimental XEP.

> Also a small niggle in the Feedback Negotiation... it gives one
> parameter as having a value of "0 to MAXUINT". MAXUINT (or even
> INT/UINT) is not defined in the XEP, or in the XML data types
> spec, nor standard C, and there is no suggestion to someone
> reading the XEP as to where they might find this defined. 
> I grant that someone who has implemented RT(C)P in their app this
> is probably obvious (and I presume it's defined in that spec), I
> consider this mostly an editorial detail, but with potential
> interop consequences if someone gets lazy :)

I took a quick look in the RTP and SDP specs but didn't find a
definition for MAXUINT.

I'll forward this message to the jingle@ list...


Peter Saint-Andre

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