[Council] Notes on XEP-0262: Use of ZRTP in Jingle RTP Sessions

Matthew A. Miller linuxwolf at outer-planes.net
Wed May 25 16:50:22 UTC 2011

Section 1. Protocol

* 2: The following sentence is missing some words (maybe an entity that isn't processed correctly?):

	"An alternative approach to end-to-end encryption of RTP traffic is provided by , developed by Phil Zimmermann, the inventor of "Pretty Good Privacy" (PGP)"

* 1: There is no reference to the ZRTP specification (e.g. <http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6189>)

Section 2. Determining Support

* N: Example 4. A disco#info response is a bit short, if it's meant to be representative.  For instance, it lacks an <identity/>, and is missing <features/> for disco#info and other Jingle protocols.

- m&m
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