[Council] Meeting minutes 2012-07-25

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Tue Aug 7 17:17:43 UTC 2012

On 8/7/12 8:22 AM, Kevin Smith wrote:

>>>> 4) XEP-0301 (RTT) - LC (for Draft)?
>>>> [Ralph arrives here]
>>>> Agreement to issue LC once 0.6 addressing Kev's recent review comments
>>>> has been published (without further presentation to Council).
>> I see a lot of continuing discussion. Is it really ready?
> Clearly not, I'd say, but the author's sense of urgency around this
> means I'm not opposed to it going to LC. Although it seems possible
> that the outcome of that would be that the community hasn't reached
> any sort of consensus yet.

Right. I really need to make time to complete another review...

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