[Council] Questions for members

Kevin Smith kevin.smith at isode.com
Mon Feb 2 10:54:23 UTC 2015

Hi folks, as promised, I’ve coerced Laura into sorting out a question thingy for members to ask about Council. Below is what we have - if I don’t hear back with a ‘stop the press’, I’ll ask her to send it out tomorrow.


How well do you know the XSF Council?
We need your feedback!

Not everyone may be aware of what the Council responsibilities are and what they do, and Council would like feedback to understand both how widely understood the Council responsibilities are, and whether there are things that people thought Council did that they don't currently do. 

The Council is responsible for the stewardship of the XEP standards. The progression is described formally in XEP-0001, but the rough gist is: 

	• Council can veto the initial publication of an Experimental XEP, although this is generally uncommon, with proposals only being rejected if they're clearly broken, or duplicating existing functionality
	• When an author wants an Experimental XEP to be advanced to Draft, Council is responsible for choosing to issue a Last Call, and voting whether it goes to Draft based on the Last Call feedback
	• For all substantive updates to a XEP once it's Draft, Council is responsible for approving them
	• Similarly, once an author wants a Draft XEP to move to Final, Council is responsible for choosing to issue the Call for Experience, and then voting whether it goes to Final. 
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