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Looks reasonable.
On 2 Feb 2015 11:54, "Kevin Smith" <kevin.smith at isode.com> wrote:

> Hi folks, as promised, I’ve coerced Laura into sorting out a question
> thingy for members to ask about Council. Below is what we have - if I don’t
> hear back with a ‘stop the press’, I’ll ask her to send it out tomorrow.
> /K
> How well do you know the XSF Council?
> We need your feedback!
> Not everyone may be aware of what the Council responsibilities are and
> what they do, and Council would like feedback to understand both how widely
> understood the Council responsibilities are, and whether there are things
> that people thought Council did that they don't currently do.
> Purpose
> The Council is responsible for the stewardship of the XEP standards. The
> progression is described formally in XEP-0001, but the rough gist is:
>         • Council can veto the initial publication of an Experimental XEP,
> although this is generally uncommon, with proposals only being rejected if
> they're clearly broken, or duplicating existing functionality
>         • When an author wants an Experimental XEP to be advanced to
> Draft, Council is responsible for choosing to issue a Last Call, and voting
> whether it goes to Draft based on the Last Call feedback
>         • For all substantive updates to a XEP once it's Draft, Council is
> responsible for approving them
>         • Similarly, once an author wants a Draft XEP to move to Final,
> Council is responsible for choosing to issue the Call for Experience, and
> then voting whether it goes to Final.
> Take the Quiz ( https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9LZNP57?c= )
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