[Council] 2016-11-16 Council Meeting Minutes

Sam Whited sam at samwhited.com
Wed Nov 16 16:57:18 UTC 2016

# 2016-11-09 Council Meeting

Logs: http://logs.xmpp.org/council/2016-11-16#16:15:05

## Roll call

- Lance (incumbent, chairing)
- Sam (elect)
- Daniel (elect)
- psa (incumbent)
- Dave Cridland
- Tobias
- Link Mauve (elect)

## Bios for the Website

To be done on-list.

## Pick a new Chair

- Tobias volunteers
- Dave Cridland volunteers

- Dave Cridland: Dave
- Tobias: Tobias
- Sam: Dave
- Link Mauve: Tobias
- Daniel: Tobias

Lance hands over the mantle. Tobias now chairing.

## Date of next

2016-11-23 16:15Z

## AOB

- If anyone still needs access to [Trello][1], ping Kev after the meeting.

### Select IoT SIG Council Liaison


- Link Mauve suggests Peter Wahler who ran for council on an IoT based platform.
    - Dave notes that Peter wrote the existing IoT XEPs (which might be a source
      of bias, or might mean he's already heavily involved and would be a good
- Dave suggests Florian Schmaus
- Sam suggests that we let the IoT SIG nominate someone and the council could
  ratify it.
- Kev suggests that it would be best to have it be someone on council, or
  intimately tied to council (eg. PSA)
- PSA notes that the IoT SIG charter was never published as an XEP.

Discussion to continue next week.

[1]: https://trello.com/b/ww7zWMlI/xmpp-council-agenda


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