[Council] Council Meeting 2016-09-21

Sam Whited sam at samwhited.com
Wed Sep 21 15:55:28 UTC 2016

# 2016-09-21 Council Meeting

Logs: http://logs.xmpp.org/council/2016-09-21#15:15:30

## Roll call

- Lance (chairing)
  - MattJ
  - Dave Cridland
  - Tobias
  - Lance notes that Peter will be absent

## Date of next

  2016-09-28 15:15:00 UTC

## AOB

### OMEMO Axolotl / Olm

- Dave Cridland wonders if we can unblock OMEMO which has remained a proto-XEP
  due to a dependency on a proprietary protocol by switching from Axolotl to
  Olm. Tobias, Lance, and MattJ agree.
- SamWhited wonders if Olm has an audit like OMEMO and TextSecure and what the
  license of the Olm spec is (known implementation is Apache).

- Summary:
  - Dave Cridland (concerned about Axolotl): "he concerns with Axolotl are that
    there is no spec, and the sole implementation is GPL, and the copyright
    owner seems litiginous about perceived reverse engineering."
  - SamWhited (concerned about Olm): "I'm nervous that I don't see a license and
      that changes were made that have not been audited (nor have any of the
      implementations to my knowledge).


  - Dave Cridland to contact Matrix and ask about how the spec is licensed.

### Message Archiving / MAM

- SamWhited thinks Message Archiving should be deprecated since no ones using it
  and it's confusing having it in draft and MAM experimental.
- MattJ and Dave Cridland note that people are still using Message Archiving, or
  need features that were deliberately left out of MAM
- SamWhited thinks that deprecating it won't stop them from continuing to use it
  if they really need it, but just means that the XSF recommends MAM for new
- MattJ says he needs to submit a new MAM revision that uses stanza-id, etc.
  that he is this close: |<-->|
- Lance says if we're that close we can do the draft feedback for MAM first and
  then consider deprecating 136.
- SamWhited and MattJ agree.


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