[Council] XMPP Council Meeting Minutes 2017-08-30

Daniel Gultsch daniel at gultsch.de
Wed Aug 30 15:34:39 UTC 2017

1) Roll Call
- Tobias (chairing)
- Sam Whited
- Daniel
- Dave Cridland

2) Minute Taker

3) Vote on accepting JET (Jingle Encrypted Transport)
Daniel on list
Sam Whited on list
Dave Cridland +1
Tobias on list

4) Vote on "XEP-0319: Add a precision about the XEP-0082 profile used."

Tobias +1
Dave Cridland +1
Daniel +1
Sam Whited +1

5) Vote on "XEP-0060: Add pubsub#multi-items in Publish-Subscribe features"

Tobias +1
Daniel +1
Sam Whited +1

Dave Cridland raises concerns regarding RECOMMENDED and backwards
compatibility.  Will vote on list

6)  Outstanding Votes on Trello

Vote on obsoleting XEP-0146 (Remote controlling clients)
Period has expired with missing votes from Tobias and Dave.
Dave and Tobias say they are happy with their implicit +1s.

7) Date of next
2017-09-06 1500Z

8) Vote on merging "XEP-0065: Remove duplicate example"


Tobias +1
Sam Whited +1
Dave Cridland +1
Daniel +1

9) AOB

Daniel brings up #499 (full join on x in MUC). Tobias, whos vote was
missing, votes +1

Tobias and Dave mention that Jonas is doing great work as an editor.

Tobias bangs the gavel and thanks everybody

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