[Council] IoT SIG Strategy and IEEE Collaboration Meeting

Tobias Markmann tmarkmann at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 29 07:07:59 UTC 2017


we plan to hold a short meeting today, around 15:00 UTC in the IoT SIG MUC
room iot at muc.xmpp.org, regarding a high-level strategy with XMPP and its
application in the IoT and the relation to the IEEE IoT group which happen
to already use the current IoT XEPs. This is 1h before the XMPP Council

Ideally the meeting will result in:
- having a person interested acting as liaison between the XMPP IoT SIG and
the IEEE IoT group
- that person being fully supported by the XMPP Council
- coming up with a strategy for what to do with our current IoT XEPs ( i
remember a rough discussion about that at the recent Brussels meeting)

It would be great if some members of the XMPP Council would join in and a
lot IoT knowledgable people would join too. I plan to be there.

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