[Council] XMPP Council Minutes, 2017-11-22 16:30

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Nov 22 17:09:52 UTC 2017

Present: Sam Whited, Daniel Gultsch, Georg Lukas, Kevin Smith, Dave Cridland

Interim Chair: Kevin Smith

1) Selection of Council Chair.

Dave Cridland was nominated by Kev and Sam, nobody else volunteered.
Dave accepted. Dave chaired from this point on.

2) Time and day of meetings.

Meetings were agreed to be pegged to EU local time at (currently) 1600
UTC on Wednesdays.

Being flexible during the US/EU timezone changes was discussed, but no
decisions made.

3) Agenda mechanics.

Dave proposed that he'd send out a final agenda by email approx 24
hours prior to each meeting. Items will be tracked in Trello as
before. Anyone wishing to add to the agenda but unable to do so (or
unwilling to use Trello) is welcome to contact Dave directly.

4) AOB

Noted that incomplete decisions by Council are restarted in the new
Council. This affects XEP-0387's advancement.

Noted that we will need minute takers - volunteers are welcome. Dave
to write something to the members@ list.

5) Next meeting

Next meeting will be Wednesday, 2017-11-29 at 1600 UTC.

6) Ite, Meeting Est.

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