[Council] 2017-10-25 XSF Council Minutes

JC Brand jc at opkode.com
Wed Oct 25 15:55:09 UTC 2017

2017-10-25 XSF Council Minutes

Chat Logs: http://logs.xmpp.org/council/2017-10-25

Present: Tobias (chairing), SamWhited, daniel, dwd, Link Mauve
Minute taker: jcbrand

1) Discussion on obsoleting XHTML-IM

Trello link: https://trello.com/c/Tl8nbMqx/203-consider-obsoleting-xhtml-im

According to SamWhited most people on the mailing list were interested in a
replacement, and that some were interested in deprecating before a
replacement is ready given the history of security issues with the spec.

dwd notes that there's no consensus to which SamWhited replies that consensus
for something this big is likely impossible to achieve and that it's up to
the countil to make a decision, taking the community feeling into account.

SamWhited notes that the main issue of contention seems to be between
deprecating now or first waiting for a replacement before deprecation.

Tobias and dwd mention that the minority against deprecation were both vocal
and reasonable.

SamWhited volunteers to write a proposal for a new spec and to start a SIG
to investigate how it could be done better.

dwd would rather avoid a SIG if possible.

SamWhited volunteers to email the mailing list, asking for interest and to
gather requirements.

SamWhited requests a vote on obsoletion, which after some discussion turns
into a vote on deprecation instead (which is in any case a prerequisite for

2) Vote on deprecation XHTML-IM

SamWhited: +1
daniel: +1
dwd: +1
Link Mauve: -1
Tboias: -1

Tobias would like to first see an alternative available for rich formatted
messages before deprecating XHTML-IM.

Link Mauve is against deleting "as the XEP fills a very much needed feature
and there is no alternative currently."

dwd initially voted against, but was convinced by SamWhited who mentioned that
deprecation adds pressure for the community to come up with a better alternative.

With 3 (+1) votes and 2 (-1) votes the council has decided to change the state
of XEP-0071: XHTML-IM to Deprecated


Date of next meeting is Wednesday 1 November 15:00 UTC.

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