[Council] 2017-10-25 XSF Council Minutes

Tobias M tmarkmann at googlemail.com
Wed Oct 25 15:58:31 UTC 2017

Hi all.

> On 25. Oct 2017, at 17:55, JC Brand <jc at opkode.com> wrote:
> With 3 (+1) votes and 2 (-1) votes the council has decided to change the state
> of XEP-0071: XHTML-IM to Deprecated

Kev pointed out that XEP-0001 says:

> A XEP shall not be advanced to the next stage in the approval process so long as any Council Member continues to vote -1.

So XEP-0071: XHTML-IM is currently NOT deprecated. The council will revisit the topic when another request for deprecation comes in.


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