[Council] 2017-09-27 XSF Council Minutes

JC Brand jc at opkode.com
Wed Sep 27 15:45:01 UTC 2017

2017-09-27 XSF Council Minutes

Present: Tobias, SamWhited, daniel, dwd
Minute taker: jcbrand

1) Vote on "XEP-0060: Add pubsub#multi-items in Publish-Subscribe features #500"
The URL: https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/500

Tobias, daniel and SamWhited will all vote on the standards mailing list.

2) Advancing "XEP-0286: Mobile Considerations for LTE Networks"

Tobias asks whether we want the editors to issue a last call? He is in favor.
So is dwd and SamWhited.
daniel is ok with a last call being issued.

3) Discuss renaming "Draft" to "Stable" and make a recommendation to the board

dwd says that the recommendation can be a Github pull request to XEP-0001.
He also notes that it'll mean regenerating all the XEPs.

SamWhited says this isn't a problem since they're regenerated daily as it is.

Tobias mentions that "Stable" sounds close to "Final" while dwd and SamWhited
mention that this reflects reality.

A discussion arises aso to the merits of the proposal.

Eventually the conclusion is to continue the already ongoing discussion on the
mailing list. As well as letting the board discuss it and seeing what comes out
of that.

dwd mentions that XEP-0001 is a board XEP, so it's not for Council's responsibility.

3) Any other business?

jonasw mention pending list votes from last week,
SamWhited notes that the Trello board has outstanding items: ODR/OMEMO and XEP-0280.
daniel says that ODR/OMEMO can be removed from trello since it's for the list,
not the council.


Date of next meeting is Wednesday 4 October 15:00 UTC.

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