[Council] XMPP Council Minutes for 2017-01-10

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Jan 10 17:28:48 UTC 2018

1) Roll Call

All present.

2) Agenda

Some discussion of adding user-invite to the list, but (to me relief)
it hadn't actually been announced on the list at the start of the

3) Did Everyone Have a Nice Christmas?

‎Kev‎: So, long story...
‎Ge0rG‎: Yes, without further detail.
SamWhited‎: On list.
4) ProtoXEP: PEP Avatar to vCard conversion.


Georg to vote on list, everyone else +1.

Kev noted a few quibbles which he'll raise on list.

Georg asked if this was in conflict with the deprecation of XEP-0084
(User Avatar). Sam suggested it was, but it was desirable in any case
to have this written up.

5) ProtoXEP: Client Key Support


Daniel to vote on list, everyone else +1.

Kev has previously noted the ability to rename a client is missing
(and would be useful). He also noted examples of use are needed.

Georg noted network interruptions need some thought.

6) ProtoXEP: TOTP 2FA


Georg and Daniel to vote on list, everyone else +1.

Dave noted examples of use are needed here, too.

7) Deprecate XEP-0126: Invisibility

This is an item raised by Sam to deprecate doing client invisibility
via Privacy Lists, which are themselves now Deprecated.

Georg to vote on list, everyone else +1.

8) Trello Tidy

Lots of discussion about XEP-0387. This has been pushed through a
second Last Call by the Council change, and Sam is keen to get it
published as soon as possible. Meanwhile the second Last Call did get
some feedback, in particular from Kev.

The discussion was unresolved (but Kev and Sam continued to discuss
after the meeting).

9) AOB

Daniel raised his publish-options patch. Dave thought this has been
pushed back by the Council for further feedback (hence avoided putting
it on the agenda since this hadn't occured). Daniel will (and has)
call for further feedback and Council will vote next week irrespective
of whether further feedback was forthcoming.

10) Next Meeting

Kev cannot make next week, everyone else can.

11) Ite Meeting Est

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