[Council] XMPP Council Minutes for 2018-01-24

Georg Lukas georg at op-co.de
Wed Jan 24 17:04:50 UTC 2018

# 2018-01-24 Council minutes

Logs: http://logs.xmpp.org/council/2018-01-24/#16:00:28

## Role Call

- Dave Cridland (chairing)
- Daniel Gultsch
- Georg Lukas
- Kevin Smith
- Sam Whited

## Minute Taker

Georg this time

## Outstanding Votes

Daniel votes +1 on https://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/client-key.html

Daniel votes +1 on https://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/totp-2fa.html as well

Kev still makes the XEP-0387 vote depend on merging #569

## #576: XEP-0387: Add [jonasw] as author and move back to Proposed


No objections raised, jonasw will also merge #569 soon.

## Future of Compliance Suites (informal agenda point)

Kev proposes that the Council prepares advice to Jonas on the future of
Compliance Suites, maybe explicitly splitting between "Best we have" and
"State of the network".

## #559: XEP-0045: Specify 333 stats code


Kev thinks it's a kick, Dave thinks it's not a kick, both agree it's not
harmful to have.

Daniel, Dave, Georg, Kev +1
Sam on list, hesitant to change MUC.

## Next Meeting

Suggestion is made to meet in person at the Summit. After some
discussion the consensus arises that Summit time is precious and can be
used better than for a Formal Meeting.

+2W is agreed upon

## AOB: Deprecate XHTML-IM

XEP-0393: Message Styling and XEP-0394: Message Markup are two
alternatives for the insecure XHTML-IM.

There is no clear consensus yet, it will be discussed at the Summit with
the deprecation vote sceduled for the following Meeting.

## AOB: Vote on XEP-387 with #569 applied

Daniel suggest to postpone until after the Future of the Compliance
Suite discussion, Georg asks to publish 2018 ASAP.

Dave, Georg, Kev +1
Sam -0, considering last-minute changes to the XEP as a process failure
Daniel on list
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