[Council] Video Call

Jonas Schäfer jonas at wielicki.name
Sat Oct 10 06:54:24 UTC 2020

Hi Dave,

On Montag, 29. Juni 2020 11:40:58 CEST Dave Cridland wrote:
> Who wants to do a video call as a general chat sometime this or next week?


> I'm assuming that roughly the same time as Council meets is most convenient
> for us all, so could you reply to this saying:
> Which days over the next two weeks can you do?
> ... At which times of 1500, 1530, 1600 or 1630 UTC?

I typically have a cut-off at 16:30 UTC latest for family time, which means 
that I’d not be available for a 16:30 time slot and only for 30mins when we 
start at 16:00 etc.

- Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays work without further restrictions.
  Wednesdays, too, except for that other meeting at 15:00Z ;-)
- On Tuesdays, I am only available *starting* 16:30Z until about 17:15Z
  (which is also known as my "Editor and Council prep time slot", but I can
  move that elsewhere for a one-shot.)
- On Fridays and Mondays, none of the time slots work.

> Finally, do we want to make this restricted to just Council members, and do
> we want to record it?

My impression was that this was supposed to be a casual get-together. In which 
case I’d be against recording and for restricting to council members.

> I think if it is not recorded we will want to avoid making any decisions,
> but we will probably want to avoid decision-making anyway.

If we somehow end up in decision-making territory, we can simply make a note 
to discuss it in the next council meeting and move on to most certainly not 
make a decision, so that the community has the necessary transparency.

Thanks for organising this,
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