[Council] Council Minutes 2021-09-29

Jonas Schäfer jonas at wielicki.name
Wed Sep 29 15:47:36 UTC 2021


1) Roll Call

Present: Jonas, Zash, Georg, Daniel, Dave

2) Agenda Bashing


3) Editor’s Update


4) Items for Voting (or Discussion)

4a) Discussion of the Future of XEP-0313

Jonas wants to gather consensus on how to move forward with XEP-0313. On list, 
the proposal made by Zash [1] had some positive feedback, while the proposal 
by Kev [2] is simpler.

Georg is still unhappy that it is completely unclear how a client would use 
such groupchat messages from just reading the spec. The PR only improves the 
spec enough that he wouldn't veto it, but it is not sufficient to make '313 a 
"good spec".

Jonas points out that we should avoid '313 becoming another Message Archiving 
and proposes to merge [1] as-is unless someone complains loudly enough until 
the next merge window (Tuesday next week).

4b) Advance XEP-0280 to Stable

With Georgs changes merged, we can finally vote on this.

Georg is uncertain whether advancing '280 is a good idea, as that will stop 
the yearly LCs for it, which would take away some feeling of familiarity. He 
is immediately shut down and directed into the silent corner.

Everyone is +1. 🎉

5) Pending Votes

5a) Advancement of XEP-0459 (Compliance Suites 2022)

Main discussion points:

1. Promote the easy onboarding XEPs? (XEP-0379 et al.)? There is no immeditae 
consensus for that. Georg will post to the list into the '459 thread on that 
topic to gather more community feedback.

2. Dave points out that there are no criteria for what Advanced and Core 
means. Future documents should take that into account to make it clearer why a 
spec is (not) included in the specific level.

   He suggests that the Executive Director may want to contact the modernxmpp 
folks for input ;-).

6) Date of Next

2021-10-06 15:00Z (+1w, as usual)

7) AOB

7a) XEPs format

The Chief Editor (Jonas) brings up that some people have noted that Markdown 
would be more accessible for doing XEP work (both editing and submitting) and 
wants to gather opinions (the wider community is also free to give input).

dwd notes that metadata needs to stay machine readable, to which Jonas remarks 
that YAML metadata in Markdown is a thing.

Daniel raises that we'd lose the support for XML entities, which are quite 
extensively used for cross-references between documents. No immediate solution 
for that is found.

Zash remarks that editing messy XML is annoying, but if it was clean 
(consistent indentation and line width) it would be much nicer. Sam throws in 
that he once wrote a tool which reformats the documents accordingly.

Georg wishes for nice word diffs.

Finally, dwd points out that consistent link anchors for headings are 
important to have; those shouldn't break with new formats.

As the meeting is running out of time, the topic is cut off here. The wider 
community is welcome to reply on that topic to this thread (change the subject 
line of the email if you do).

8) Ite Meeting Est

Thanks everyone.

   [1]: https://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/standards/2021-September/038573.html
   [2]: https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/1104/files
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