[GSoC] just a little hello

Shawn Drost sdrost at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 13:39:44 CDT 2005

Hi, everyone,

I'm Shawn, I'm a comp sci student at the University of Southern
California, although I'm from Hawaii.  I'm working on a project to
enable agent communication using XMPP; more details for the curious at
http://shawndrost.bravehost.com/soc_app.txt .

I'm using Smack and I'm pretty familiar with it; if you have any dumb
questions I can tell you
what I figured out so far.  (If you have any smart questions, you
should ask someone else =p I'm no expert.)

Oh yeah: my JID is shawn at xmpp.us .

Happy coding, and congrats to all of you!

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