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Hello everyone,

While I'd prefer to keep all of our conversations on the discussion
list when not confidential, the discussion list at the start of the
program isn't anything like a useful communications vehicle.  Trust
me, it will get better.  In general, this list exists for private
communications that are best not shared with the outside world - e.g.
"My student will not talk to  anyone in the project but me, what
should I do?"

Welcome to all of our new mentors, be they from brand new
organizations, new mentors for previously participating projects or,
my all time personal favorite, students who are now mentors.

First some administrivia:
- Now is a great time to check your subscription preferences to this
list and make sure they're properly set.  It is also a great time to
nag your fellow mentors to do the same.

- You may not find this list useful. If you want to unsubscribe, do so
at your peril.  If you are going to unsubscribe, make sure that you
are subscribed to the program announcement list:


"I didn't get any email reminders about doing X, Y or Z" is *not* an
excuse for not getting evaluations to us on time.  Be kind, monitor
the list.  Really.  You can also subscribe to that whole calendar
linked from the FAQ.

- Student applications should be coming in fast and furious, though
you'll see many more this weekend.  We decided this year to hold off
voting until all applications are in.  Please note that you can't ask
a student to update her proposal unless you post a public comment on
her application first.

Any questions or comments, please post away.  I, my fellow program
admin types and your fellow mentors are all here to help.


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Peter Saint-Andre
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