[GSoC] GSOC Introduction

Kevin Smith kevin.smith at isode.com
Thu Mar 2 12:58:39 UTC 2017

On 1 Mar 2017, at 14:34, Partho Sarthi <psarthi16 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am Partho Sarthi, a sophomore currently pursuing B.E.(Hons) Computer Science from BITS Pilani. I have been programming for almost 6 years now and being a part of my college's technical department I have a prior experience of developing full stack Web Applications such as college fest's websites, Web Applications for college administration purposes and more. These exposures paced my development skills in the past two years. I am proficient in Javascript and have a decent amount of experience in frameworks such as AngularJS, ReactJS and have dealt with libraries such as Phaser(Developed a simple game for our sports fest website), GSAP(high-performance HTML5 animations and manipulations of SVG) and more. Recently I have been working with RESTful API on the client-side.Here are the links to some of my projects-
> The idea of open source application which enables the people  to chat  so easily, fascinated me a lot.  I have significant experience in building cross platform apps which can be deployed as a Web application as well as a Mobile application(Android/iOS) with the use of Cordova. One of the latest application I built using cordova was "Latch"(Please follow the link to view the Web Application). It was a Location Based Chat application. It includes individual chat,group chat and a small chat bot as well. Thus I have experience in working with Chat Applications. I would love to be a part of the community and contribute to it. Any help from your end would mean a lot.

Hi there,

The XSF is an ‘umbrella org’ in GSoC, for the various XMPP software projects that exist. I think your best first step would be to look at our ideas page, and pick one or two software projects you’d like to work with, and go from there (with the following step being some work on ‘teaser tasks’).


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