[IOT] : [Standards] Status of XEP-xxxx: Sensor-over-XMPP

Peter Waher Peter.Waher at clayster.com
Mon Dec 17 16:47:07 UTC 2012

Hello Mat & Hannes.

Mat: Excellent to hear you're interested in this work. We too have commercial products out using XMPP, but in the field of utility metering and building control & automation. Basically, we have PLC's communicating with XMPP (as well as metering & SCADA systems doing the same on the other end). We're now pushing for the use of XMPP on the sensor level.

However, instead of trying to publish a XEP based on this work, which would be rejected since it's not generic enough to suite everybody, I'm trying to find other parties who work in this field, so we together could propose a XEP suitable for all, and hence have a better chance of being accepted by the XSF.

Hannes: I'm sorry to see I missed your mail. Could you mail me this again? (Also to peterwaher at hotmail.com). Perhaps it got lost in an e-mail filter, which seems to happen a lot unfortunately :(, both ways.

Regarding HTTP: We're not using HTTP a lot in our sensor communication yet, mostly in research projects. However, we're also pushing for web 3.0 technology, i.e. sensor data using semantic web technologies, which is mainly (but not necessarily) based on HTTP(S). We believe this to be the future of IoT also. If we could intermarry XMPP & web 3.0 technologies, would be great, and is one of my hopes/goals to achieve within the XSF. (However, it would require multiple XEP's.)

Peter Waher

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