[IOT] Invitation to participate in IEEE/IEC/IEEE 21451-1-4 Working Group (10-24-12)(Revised)

William Miller mact-usa at att.net
Wed Oct 24 20:10:53 UTC 2012

To IoT Members,


I wish to extend to IoT members to participate in open discussion and
meeting for a Call for Participation in the kick-off of

*	ISO/IEC/IEEE 21451-1-4, XMPP Interface Working Group schedule for
1000 hours (EST) on 2012-11-30 

I would ask that you RSVP me regarding your intent on this teleconference,
in addition to the WG Chair(s) and ISO/IEC/IEEE 2145x Co-chair (Dr. Kang Lee
with NIST).  This is asked so that I can ascertain the IoT representation,
as well as ensuring that we have enough seats on the teleconference.  I will
forward you details for participation.


The discussion will review the scope of 21451-1-4 Smart Transducer Interface
for Sensor, Actuators, and Network Devices to use

eXtensible Markup and Presence Protocol (XMPP).   


To learn more about XMPP visit the XMPP Foundation web site at
http://www.xmpp.org   XMPP is an extensible protocol that can be used to
provide Common Network Management of networked devices and to facilitate
transport of various protocols including the Internet.   This use of the
XMPP protocol  is technology agnostic and protocol independent with security
built-in.  The range of application of XMPP include cloud computing, sensor
networks, process control, Smart Grid, M2M, and now the Internet of Things


To learn more you can also visit http://www.mact-usa.com which discusses use
of XMPP for smart devices such as Android or Apple smart phones, tablets
pc's, etc.   The ability to tie-in to various wireless gateways can be
provided for legacy devices.


The meetings are scheduled to last one hour.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  Regards,

W.J.MILLER, PRESIDENT, MaCT, 01 301 500-9277

ISO/IEC/IEEE 21451-1-4 WG, Chairman



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